Growing and Teaching

The most important step to deciding to grow your own food at home is the resolution to build and maintain a garden. There are many different levels of commitment you can choose; do you want to learn how to garden, or would you rather someone else garden for you? That is where we come in. Our personal preference is for organic and permaculture growing methods, but we leave the ultimate decision about pesticide use to you.


This is the first step, and one that every customer must take before they decide to continue with our services. Receiving a consultation does not obligate you to buy any of our other services! Amelia will drive to your house / property and assess the space you have available for viable growing conditions. Do you have enough sunlight for a small vegetable garden, or are there too many trees blocking the sun? Can you replace that old, withered maple sapling with an apple tree? How do you grow raspberries? How much sunlight does asparagus require? Can you get help controlling that mint that took over the walkway to the porch?

Amelia’s assessment of your property and available space will help you determine where to place edibles, how many garden beds you can or should build, and what kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs, or edible flowers will grow on your land. You may take her advice into your own hands, or choose to move on to more advanced services. $25 within 10 miles of home range, then $1 per mile outside of range; non-refundable fee if canceled with under 24 hours notice.

Level One: Assistance

You already have a raised bed garden, or you are in the process of building one. But you don’t know what kind of soil to use, or what you should add to it to make your seeds sprout faster. You aren’t sure how much space you need to give those broccoli sprouts, or whether your lettuce seedlings will last all season. And what do I mean you can’t plant peas in July?!

This is where Amelia comes in. She will always be posting helpful links and advice on the Veggie Ventures Facebook Page, but when you want specific advice relative to your personal garden, it is best to have help in person. Amelia will come and take a look at what you have available, what you are trying to accomplish, and she will make herself available to you for help throughout the five-month-long major growing season. She will show you the best ways to cultivate and harvest squash, beans, melons, and everything you are growing. If there is a weird fungus on your plant that you can’t figure out, or you aren’t sure what to do with an over-abundant harvest of cantaloupe, you can email her a photo of your problem or request a visit. This is the only service option that may replace the Consultation. Level One includes up to 5 in-person visits to your home, assistance with planning what, when, and where to plant, and access to the “What Do I Do?” hotline (i.e. her cell phone.) $200, includes help for a full growing season. Additional fees may apply if travel distance is greater than 15 miles.

Level Two: Build-a-Bed

This is where your gardening adventure really starts to take off. Once we assess where would be the best spot to place your garden bed, we will build one for you! Please note: we can not remove trees from your property. Weeding, clearing, and removing small shrubs is possible. Clearing an area will increase the cost of this option, however. Once we have the area cleared and prepared, we will build you up to 5 raised-bed gardens, including placing them and filling them. Please see our Raised Bed Options Page to view our bed size choices. After that, Amelia will help you plant your seeds or seedlings, and show you how to grow and harvest them. This includes the initial building visit as well as 6 future in-person consultations (2 the first month, then once monthly afterward.) The cost for this option is variable, and a full quote will be given within one week of our initial consultation.

Level Three: Full Service

After you decide what you want in the initial assessment, we will build your raised beds, fill them, and plant them for you. Once set up, Amelia will visit once per week to check the plants, weed the garden, and harvest anything that has grown. This bed service will include an irrigation system, so all you will need to do is turn the water on for an hour or so on days it hasn’t rained, and provide a basket or sack for her to pick into. Please see our Add-On Options for extra-fancy equipment we can set up for you to make this the easiest, most laid-back experience possible.


Amelia will occasionally be offering workshops on various subjects; if you feel you cannot afford a full gardening consultation, you may choose to attend one of the many workshops available as they come up. You can learn such self-sufficient practices as seed-saving, basic fermentation techniques, herb harvesting and drying, making and canning jams or pickles, and more! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page and our Workshop Schedule for more information.