Full Service Gardening

Do you want to have a big, beautiful vegetable garden but you don’t want to do all the work yourself? This is our forté! You get the benefit of growing your own vegetables and fruits so you know EXACTLY where your food comes from, without the work of growing, weeding, and harvesting. Each option is tailored to your exact property and needs, so an estimate will need to be made on the cost for any given season.
Full Service Gardening Options Include:
Vegetable Bed Building and Maintenance
We build you as many raised beds as you are looking to grow in, fill them, plant them, and come to your property weekly to weed and harvest. We can even set up an irrigation system and a hose timer so you don’t have to do anything more than make sure the spigot is turned on. If you wish to be a little more hands-on, we can set everything up and show you what to do, while still coming by once a week to help you out.

Fine Gardening and Maintenance
We can open up the garden and clean everything up in the spring (clear leaves, weed, prune back dead growth, fertilize with organic fertilizer, etc.) and re-mulch your existing beds, add new perrenials or shrubs, and maintain your garden beds throughout the summer. Then we can do a final garden bed clean up in the fall before the snow covers everything. Amelia is experienced in pruning and knows her decorative flowers and shrubs as well as edibles. This service is only for the garden beds– we don’t do lawns! Use the Contact Us option for this service; if your location isn’t too far away, your estimate is free!

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