Ready to Start!

It’s finally done: Nikoli and I got married last weekend! As soon as the paperwork is completed for changing my last name, we will apply for our business license and get the ball rolling on Veggie Ventures. I know from my work at local garden centers that you want my services.  I can help you … More Ready to Start!

Life Goals

Part of my general mission in starting this business is to share my knowledge, as well as to keep learning new ways of being self-sufficient.  A hundred years ago everyone could wash their own clothes, grow, cook, and can/preserve their own food, sew or mend their clothing instead of buying new… all sorts of skills … More Life Goals

Autumn Planning

It’s already the middle of summer.  The vegetable seedlings have either been bought or thrown away at all the nurseries, and there’s narry a vegetable to be seen not already planted in a garden somewhere.  Sure, you can buy a few straggling berry bushes, but what happens if you want fresh kale or carrots in … More Autumn Planning