Add-On Options

Complete Irrigation System:

Made with PVC pipe, this system is laid directly onto the bed soil.  You simply attach a hose to one end and turn it on for an hour or so every day it hasn’t rained, and all you need to do it turn the faucet on!  Approximately $50, depending on size of bed.  Each system is made specifically to fit your garden bed!

Blueberry Net Frame:

Made from PVC pipe, may be painted any color you like and made in any size.  We build it around your blueberry bushes and you simply drape bird netting over the frame from early May through July to keep the birds out of your blueberry crop! (Frame in photo is painted green). Price is dependent on size of frame; request an estimate during your consultation.


Weed Blocking Fabric:

Made from recycled materials, we will set a layer of this special weed-blocking fabric on the bottom of your bed once it has been placed, prior to filling the bed with soil.  This helps block any weeds (grass, ferns, pig weed, etc.) from coming up through the garden bed.  $15 per bed.


Non-Toxic Wood Sealant:

This stuff is fantastic!  It goes on like a clear stain, and does not change the color of the wood.  Keeps your beds from acquiring water damage and helps the wood last years beyond what it will if unprotected.  Non-toxic, so the ingredients will not affect your crop.  Highly recommended if you choose to use the pressure-treated pine wood. $10 per bed.


Mechanical Hose Timer:

Purchase and installation of a mechanical hose timer, which does not require batteries.  Once your irrigation system is attached, all you need to do is pop outside and turn the dial onto 30-60 minutes and your garden will water itself!  $15.  Digital options that do require batteries, but which can be programmed, are available for $30.


Organic Fertilizer Treatments:

We can supply you with a fish-based fertilizer, worm castings, or a general fertilizer to spread on your garden once per month for happy, healthy vegetables.  $10 for full fish fertilizer application, $9 for a quart-sized bag of worm castings.  Organic Fertilizer is $15 per bag.