About Us


Veggie Ventures is the brain child of Amelia and Nikoli Kellner.  We are both experienced farm hands and grow as much of our own food as possible, and we want to share our knowledge with you!


About Amelia:

Amelia grew up in Eastern Connecticut, and has lived in several different states around the country.  She was an FFA member in high school, but after getting an education in something completely different (English), and spending a few years having a family, something was missing in her life.  She tried building gardens at home, and ripping out any shrubs and plants to replace them with edibles, but she was alone in her love of self-sufficiency.  After her divorce, she apprenticed on a small organic farm in Connecticut, and found her passion in life.  Four years of growing vegetables, fruits, and even flowers have taught her the ins and outs of growing, although there is always more to learn.  After her first season of farming, she collected the photos of weird and ugly vegetables she had taken and wrote a children’s book, called Ugly Farm, which teaches kids that not all vegetables look the same as the “perfect” ones at the grocery store, but they sure do taste great! She also has a passion for teaching, and created and taught a new gardening club at the middle school in Spencer, to bring a love of mini-farming to another generation.  This is the same Amelia who created LocalFest, a celebration of buying food, clothes, and gifts made near Spencer, MA (where she used to live).  She was also the Production Vegetable Garden Manager for the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, MA for the 2016 season.

About Nikoli:

Nikoli grew up in Wisconsin, and after a brief stint in the U.S. Navy and a few more years of working random, unfulfilling jobs, finally found something he could feel connected to: farming.  Growing and maintaining, and the joy of bringing things he helped produce to market grounded him and made his previous troubles in life seem insignificant.  After he met Amelia, the two intertwined their passion and worked on several farms together, creating a complimentary workforce that could not be beat.  He recently delved into beekeeping and found a new passion, and is looking to add more hives to his collection.  Nik currently works a full-time day job, but is the master builder behind the raised-bed gardens and irrigation systems that we create for you.