Asparagus… Do you grow it?

When we bought our house a year ago, it had an enormous 2400 square foot garden space that had been severely neglected for years.  Once we cleaned it up and tilled it, we noticed (about this time last year) little crowns poking up through the soil on either side of the huge bed.  Turns out we inherited asparagus! Unfortunately, the asparagus was also intertwined with TONS of poison ivy.  I have tried transplanting some of it, to no avail.  Transplanting established asparagus is a venture of luck at best, and I did not have it.  I will try again this year, because that entire bed is going to be mowed over the course of this summer in an effort to kill the poison ivy that took over.  Last year was not a fun harvest year for me!


However, I went through the PineTree Garden Seeds catalog and purchased purple asparagus seeds this year.  I read somewhere recently that if you are willing to wait the 3-4 years before you can harvest, asparagus from seed is the BEST you can grow! I made the mistake of not reading the package carefully enough and planted them in a 6-pack right away about 3 weeks ago.  Yesterday I checked the totally dead-looking pots and decided to re-read the packet.  You have to soak the seeds for 24 hours BEFORE planting them! *smacks head*  Even I make mistakes, people, but now the seeds are soaking on my counter top in a little cup and I will be re-planting them today.  I’m not in a huge rush, since Nik still hasn’t had time to build me an asparagus bed.

So answer me then: do you grow asparagus? I hated asparagus as a child.  I honestly wouldn’t touch the stuff til about 2015, when we worked on a farm that grew it and I ate some fresh from the ground.  Raw asparagus is amazing! And Nik can cook it better than anyone I have ever met.  It is a totally different flavor experience than that canned stuff I was forced to eat as a child.  I can help you learn how to grow!

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