Updates and Permaculture

Buying a house is a crazy process!  We are finally almost there, but we are getting such a late start, I am wondering how I will get everything done.  There are some large but very neglected garden spaces I will need to clear in addition to all the set up and repairs that the house itself will need.  I think I will still have time for consultations, but it is going to be a VERY busy year for us.

I have also been learning more and more about permaculture.  I’m reconsidering the whole raised-bed building idea, but I still feel that that is what most people are comfortable with right now.  I may not get a degree in permaculture, but I want to set my own gardens up to reflect the principles.  Would you be interested in implementing some permaculture ideas into your new gardens?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this:

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