Life Goals

Part of my general mission in starting this business is to share my knowledge, as well as to keep learning new ways of being self-sufficient.  A hundred years ago everyone could wash their own clothes, grow, cook, and can/preserve their own food, sew or mend their clothing instead of buying new… all sorts of skills that Americans have lost over the past few generations.

I know I’m certainly not the only person keeping these skills alive, but I want you to join me in becoming as self-sufficient as possible.  I will occasionally share things on the blog here or on my Facebook Page that aren’t about growing vegetables, but are informative about other skills I can help you learn.

Please note that while I do have bills to pay and must therefore necessarily charge for my lessons, I am open to the barter system as well.  Would you be interested in taking a class to learn how to make and can your own jam?  How about learning the proper way to save vegetable seeds?  I am considering running workshops, so please tell me if this interests you.

For all other adventures in veggie gardening, please see my Services page.


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