Starting up at an Odd Time

My home life is in limbo right now– we are in the process of searching for a new place to live in Connecticut.  That is an odd place to be while I am starting a new business!

If you are looking to start a new garden, are not sure where to start or what you want to do, or just want help figuring out what you can grow in your yard, feel free to make an appointment with me.  I am still in the process of applying for all my business licensing, but I am eager to get started and a quick consultation can be arranged at almost any time of year.  If your ground is free of snow, I can help you!

Of course, most of my type of work will be done in the spring and summer months.  But preparing your garden in winter time, or even starting a small cold frame garden, is not out of the question this time of year.

The simplest way to build a cold frame is to acquire about 6 hay or straw bales, arrange them into a box shape, and set an old window or two across the top.  The straw will insulate the plants you plan inside, and the window will keep the air inside your little structure warmer, like a mini greenhouse.  I would still recommend only growing vegetables that appreciate cold weather, but the food that this will produce is a nice, fresh addition to your food stores in winter time that you can grow yourself.


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