Autumn Planning

It’s already the middle of summer.  The vegetable seedlings have either been bought or thrown away at all the nurseries, and there’s narry a vegetable to be seen not already planted in a garden somewhere.  Sure, you can buy a few straggling berry bushes, but what happens if you want fresh kale or carrots in the fall?


The answer: You plant them yourself.  There are a number of vegetables you can plant at the end of summer and still reap a harvest before the cold months come on.  And if you haven’t even gotten started yet?  Well, this is the perfect time to try!


One of the easiest cheats in building raised garden beds is making winter work to your advantage.  We will build and fill the bed for you, of course, and show you what to plant (or plant it for you.)  But then when it all turns brown and ugly, you bash it up with a hoe or shovel and turn it beneath the soil.  The winter cold, rain, and varying temperatures will help decompose the previous fruits of your labor and add wonderful organic matter to your soil.


And did you know that you should plant garlic in October?  If you want a good garlic harvest, always plant it in the fall!


You will learn all these skills and more when you work with Veggie Ventures!

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